A window tint is a very thin film that compose layers of elements and different properties 

What is the importance of tinting your window? Window tints as we all know block 99% of harmful rays but aside from that there are a lot of reason why window tint is important below are the list why 

Window tint 

  • Protects interior from sun damage – sun can harm furniture’s or even interiors of a car. Sun rays or heat effect some materials are discoloration and cracks 
  • Privacy and protection  – to avoid heft to see whets inside your car  
  • Reduce heat – tints really help cools down a place especially during summer time 
  • Shatter proof – protects your glass to any kinds of its and scratches 
  • Energy saving – Since tint helps in reducing heat then saving energy can save you money as well 
  • Glare reduction  

Window films don’t only provide us a lot of benefits but window tint provide a beautiful appearance to a house, building, cars and many more. There are a lot of tints to choose from colors to shades. 

Types of tints 

  • Dyed tint  – one of the basic tint since it is composed of dyed film 
  • Metalized – are composed of very thin coats of reflective metal 
  • Carbon – does not contain dyes or metals in it and is purely made out of nano- carbons 
  • Ceramic Film – thinly coated with ceramic which provide a very high protection against UV rays 

What is the best tint you should get? Getting a tint depends on your needs so below listed are a few guides to help you choose your Window Tint 

  • Is it easy to maintain?  Make sure to get tints they would be low maintenance 
  • How much are you willing to spend? Top quality tints are sold on a reasonable price but last long 
  • How dark I want my tint to be? List down some pro and cons that could help you 
  • you can ask an expert to help you and provide you the best tint that would suit your needs